Kaiser Chiefs, ‘Employment’

Out 07/03/05 (B Unique)

The Kaiser Chiefs should be in the running for the most comedy band name accompanied by worst album title of the year. Yet this doesn’t mean it’s a bad album, in fact it can be entertaining. The Leeds based quintet formed in 2003 have been hotly tipped to succeed with their debut album Employment and with rebellion baiting singles such as I predict a riot who could blame them. If you haven’t heard the Kaiser Chiefs you probably will on the O.C in no time. They are that type of band.

The ‘Chiefs appear to have many different influences, in particular Blur, Franz Ferdinand and 80’s synth pop bands so you may feel that they might have missed their time, yet their music sound’s very fresh and inviting. Tracks like Everyday i love you less and less and the imaginatively titled Na Na Na Na Naa are very catchy and pop-tastic in their arrangements. With their huge Brit Pop choruses it would make the Gallacher’s stand up and listen.

Yet as stated earlier frontman Ricky Wilson predicts a riot for the masses and then puzzles me by declaring that he was born to be a dancer on a middle order art/pop track. It is easy to get the impression that he is also confused. Thankfully he isn’t fazed by this. I’d be lying if i said i didn’t like this album, but truth be told amongst glittering singles there is a generous portion of a mediocrity.