Ikonic moment in York for student nights out

“I feel as if one of the team died. First it was a laugh, then it was tradition and now a legend. I James Alexander, am in mourning! Go forward with the memories, and the laughs. We can get through this.” James Alexander

Our single super-club has died. Ikon and Diva is no more. Management remain with the only conclusion they have left, profit margins are unattainable within the York market. Free busses, VIP tickets and drink offers have failed to pull in the punters. Incentives have been floating around campus, toying with our sensibilities, teasing us to venture out. They have failed.

Management believe that they have tried. They presume the diminishing numbers are out of their hands; thus the closure. The club was rotten to the core. In its ethos, the tunes and the atmosphere that it fashioned from a genuine intention for enjoyment. James Alexander, patron saint of the tacky booze culture which our poor university is swathing in, please don’t insult me with crocodile tears.

Here was a night out synonymous with alcohol excess; promoted for this very reason. The idea that the morals of upper management are sidelined for greed does not surprise me, but the manner in which our elected representatives endorsed the events was sickening.

“Research shows that people are more likely to have unprotected sex and act aggressively when drunk and NUS advises students to know their limits and stick to them. Aside from the health risks and likely adverse affect on your studies, drinking to excess often leaves you as big a danger to yourself as you are to anyone else,” NUS president Mandy Telford.

The awareness campaign by the NUS, warning of alcohol excess, infiltrated most kitchens on campus, yet it was not taken with the seriousness it deserves. The statistics from the NHS speak for themselves, with 40% of A&E admissions alcohol-related, rising to 70% between midnight and 5am. In total, alcohol-related accidents and illnesses land around 150,000 people in hospital each year.

Students don’t necessarily have to be contained by the generalisation of irresponsibility with alcohol, however the environment of student nights off-campus does not offer an alternative.

Once at an event such as Ikon and Diva, then the only possible way for enjoyment is seen in the pale reflection of a pint. This double edged sword ultimately ends in tears.

The student stereotype is enforced by people alienated by their audience. There is no excuse. There are people willing to create events which draw people in through a reputation of enjoyment, rather than preying on alcohols ability to numb sense.

“The memories and the laughs”, now really Mr Alexander. Either irony stalks you, or you really are ignorant of the Student Bodies evident reaction to these events. Memories diluted by cheap pints and stifled laughs heard only the next morning on remembering the previous night’s drunken exploits.

Fortunately this term alone has seen a renewed effort in creating worthwhile events for students. Fusion, Xtra, Wentworth and Alcuin Jazz nights, College open mic nights, RAG events and much more have flourished with support from the university community.

Hopefully these falling numbers will catalyse an acknowledgment within Luminar Leisure, the shared management which monopolises our nights out.

Students do not want to be placated by cheap drinks and cheap music. They should be worried that their formula for a night out has run dry. It’s time to change tactics, it’s time to change tune and give students good quality events they deserve. I suppose, at least we won’t have to put up dancing with James anymore.