Failing Fashion

Your critics obviously paid as much attention to the bands on Saturday as they did to their spelling. Was it a subconscious error to mistakenly name Nadsat Fashion ‘Nadstat Fashion’ because you knew that the real thing was simply far too good to be censured?

Or perhaps it was your feeble attempt to put into practice what you preached about their ‘lack of originality’, in that you felt the need to compose a variation on their name in order to inject your own obviously superior originality into the clearly objective review? Speaking of objectivity, Battle of the Bands was a haven for all things objective. I thought the purpose of voting was for a democratic outcome; obviously it’s another disguise for the dictatorial regime running our university. Our despotic SU has political insiders attending every campus event. Their mission here was to find a second-rate, z-list band which could play at campus events for £20 and a crate of beer.

If you had cared to walk among the common masses in Goodricke, you would have experienced boredom and alcoholinduced resilience to the sounds of The Morning Thieves. The only thing they had stolen by the following morning was any reputation that York Uni might once have had for being at all musical. Not that we think that pop-inspired rock isn’t a complex form of music worthy of the winner’s crown, but perhaps their interesting chord sequences and the lead singer’s attempt at facial hair would be better suited to a pulpit.

We found the road to perdition in The Morning Thieves and the path, though the judges have deemed it narrow, to salvation in Nadsat Fashion.

Naughty Nina and Luscious Lucy – Halifax College