Election Apathy

You can’t whinge if you don’t vote. This rhetoric against apathy rings deep within our culture of blame and accountability which consumes our daily lives. But who is ultimately responsible for this lack of enthusiasm? Are students disillusioned about the role the Students’ Union has to play? The SU comprises of a body of elected representatives for you, to do your bidding. That’s the beauty of democracy. It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure this opportunity does not fester to a state of indifference in the politics which affects our lives. If you consider SU politics a quirky phenomenon of unimportance then you alienate yourself from the decisions which guide your time at university.

Some positions have a varied selection of candidates and others are left uncontested. If you are unsatisfied that there are any legitimate takers for the position, then vote for RON. This vote will open the position again to allow new candidates to offer a alternative perspective. You are therefore responsible for any disillusionment you harbour against YUSU. The option is there for you to make a difference. More of the same old rhetoric, but it is never more apparent with such low voting numbers. If those who run for these positions are contrary to your choice, then push for change. By bridging the gap between yourself and YUSU and increasing awareness of these deciding forces, your influence can direct the direction of policy.

Those who maintain good communication and understanding between students and YUSU are those who offer most promise for students. Our Union is there to support and further the needs of those it serves, York University Students. By realising the power held in the opportunity to vote, the SU can fulfil the role it is here to perform.