Doves, ‘Some Cities’

Manchester indie trio The Doves (Jimi Goodwin, Jez and Andy Williams) release their new album Some Cities this week, but where Warnings/Promises was in a lot of ways as good a record as The Remote Part, I can’t help feeling that Some Cities will fall short of The Last Broadcast, at least in sales if not in song writing which is a bit unfortunate.

That is not to say that Some Cities is a poor album, it certainly has its moments; Walk in Fire, the haunting Snowdon and the new single (and possibly the highlight of the album) Black and White Town, an upbeat, catchy pop song which for some reason made me think of The Girl with the Golden Touch. And in the light of some of the ‘music’ in the indie scene right now (The Kaiser Chiefs/Razorlight) Some Cities is like a breath of fresh air, although if you don’t already own The Last Broadcast then that might be a better way to go.

If you are a fan of the Doves then Some Cities is definitely worth a listen, the album has the same sound of There Goes the Fear and Pounding that made the band a hit in 2002. The record is very cleverly layered and well produced, and some of the songs really stand out as hits (Black and White Town, Some Cities) but I just thought that sometimes songs like The Storm had been recorded better by Radiohead on Kid A and Amnesiac.