ComSci student blows a fuse

I was amazed by the journalistic trash published in the article “Blag your degree” regarding Computer Science students. The article showed an amazing amount of ignorance and a huge lack of humour. I am going to now go through each of your so called methods.

1. Do you really think all computer science students want to be awake all night? Have you seen our timetable? It is an engineering
disciple and as such requires early mornings. I personally know of many computer Scientists who will only stay awake lateon a Friday or Saturday night purely because we can spend a morning in bed. On a side note how many people have you actually seen walking into the Computer Science building with halitosis? Or is this an assumption based on the fact you believe we eat “the turd of a small animal”.

2. Would you like to present an example of the “Linux disc”. You do realise Linux comes in many different vaierties and therefore a specific Linux disc will not exist.

3. Do you stand outside Computer Science and read peoples T-Shirts? We are on the hill and just on the slim possibility you have ever been there in the morning you will know it gets very windy and we all usually wear thick coats which I must admit do not normally contain a “hilarious” slogan. When we are inside I do not see any more hilarious slogans than any other degree.

4. Do you sit outside every computer scientist’s doors and count on a statisical survey to see what the average amount of showers a week is for a computer scientist? As you clearly have the time to write the drivel but I severly doubt you have managed to be awake before us to clarify this

5. Jargon is inevitable in this subject? Is this purely because you have no concept of what we are talking about you assume that it means nothing? Just because our degree doesn’t involve talking about an allegorical message in a piece of text does not mean that what we are talking about is less relavant.

Are computer scientists the only people on campus who suffer from colds and flu and that is why we have a “nasal drone” or do you have no concept of people being ill?

6. Why would a computer scientist make a joke about the fact that God didn’t intend them to program due to our lack of a serial I/O port? Is this on the same note that if God inteneded people to write stupid articles they would be born with a pen instead of a hand?

You may find that joke remotely funny but nothing could make your article even slightly humourous.

James Goulding – Derwent College