Ben Jarvis, ‘The Miracle Mile’

Today I learnt an important lesson. When given a copy of The Miracle Mile I was stuck by the grainy photo of Ben Jarvis and left feeling quite sorry for the student. With his awkward pose in front of drab student accommodation background things weren’t looking too hopeful. Yet, you should never judge a book by its cover. As I cautiously listen to the York University student’s self produced album, I realise five minutes have gone by and I haven’t blinked. Not once.

It’s refreshing to hear young talent played with such honesty and modesty emerging from the current trend of Indie bands. “Head in my hands, face in the sand, is what i feel right now.” croons Ben with his gravel like vocals to a sophisticated chord progression on playing dead. A largely acoustic affair with influences ranging from Nick Drake to Radiohead it would be a fair estimation to say that The Miracle Mile could be self deprecating and empty, yet as the title suggests there is hope on his journey. With intro’s with guitars warm as stomach and my personal favourite Home which would comfort the most reflective of us with “You know you’re home when it’s cold outside and you feel warm”, it’s hard to find fault in his debut album. So do not hesitate to contact Ben Jarvis and you to will love The Miracle Mile. ([email protected])