The Ottley Run, Leeds

The Otley Run is a time honoured student tradition. Groups of fancily dressed students trek through the bars and pubs from Headingley to the city centre with the aim of drink-induced paralysis. Pub One, Woodies: angry locals with little tolerance for gangster chic and pimpin’ shoes. Two, the Three Horseshoes: bit dead on a Saturday, great quiz on a Tuesday. Cheap drinks. Three, the New Inn: expensive but good deal on doubles. Four, the Arc: Headingly’s answer to Bar Brookie. Overpriced. Five, Headingley Taps: too much rugby, not enough shots. Six, the Box: too hungry to go to, have a Subway instead to keep up energy levels. Also, pass Threshers for a sneaky half litre whisky top-up and tell everyone you drink just as much as them, only you binge drink…..

Seven, the Skyrack: unreasonably expensive however it does mysteriously seem to be where all Otley Runners converge. Eight, the Original Oak: Apple Sourz promo, four for a fiver. Nine, the Library: it’s a Scream. The men here do seem to like big breasts though, so (if applicable) head there if you like flaunting/being grossly perved on. Ten: the Dry Dock: open til 2 on a Saturday, so the natural conclusion to the Otley Run. Doubles as a time portal; several people remember nothing of a couple of hours there and will swear blind that it didn’t really happen. The Otley Run: it’s a rite of passage for Leeds students. There’s nothing to do in York, so Come All Ye Faithful, Joyful and Triumphant.

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