Spiritualised, Warchild

Rarely do bands with such profile as Spiritualised play in such an intimate venue. Their decision to play a matinee show before a charity event was a curious one. However, the setting was perfect, allowing the band a pseudo-superstar status, with lead Jason Pierce an immense presence on the tiny stage. Opening with more relaxed offering ‘All of my Tears’, it allowed the crowd to soak up the relaxing late afternoon atmosphere, before propelling them into the evening with a storming set comprised primarily of numbers from the album Amazing Grace. They surprised some of the audience with a raucous performance of ‘Walking With Jesus’, a track from Pierce’s previous band Spacemen 3. They lifted the roof with uproarious versions of ‘Take Your Time’ and the wonderfully constructed ‘Smiles’ and then it all became abundantly clear. After all the hype, the afternoon show was worth it. This is a band you really need to see live to fully appreciate.

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