James Alexander: I Will Deliver

Well elections are over…It is that time of year when candidates get back to their degrees and those who did not stand, well, get back to their degrees.

I have now been elected SU-President, in the drink-fuelled chaos and Ozzy felt tears which is Student Union elections.

Am I pleased? I am absolutely over the moon at the outcome. However, I need to keep my feet on the ground, I may be a somebody on campus, but outside the confines of our concrete beauty, I am a nobody who sells cameras in Jessops. I am someone from the ghetto, which is Shepherds Bush. This is what makes me especially proud of what I have achieved. It is not everyday that someone from my background manages to achieve what I have.

However, this working class nobody is going to work his arse off for this student body and make sure that my promises come good, to show the establishment that people like me can achieve and encourage more people like me to do well in their lives. I am going to make sure my promises are seen to be achieved in the next year, and that groundwork is laid for the best of future students interests on Campus Three. My polices of URY and YSTV in every room I believe to be worthy projects that will enhance student life.

May I also thank all the other candidates who scared the life out of me and gave me a bloody good run for my money; Tom Jones, Naomi Brown, Ed Harris, Tom Duncan (AKA Shirt) and Iain Lindley. Naomi Brown would have made a bloody good President and I wish her all the best. I would also like to say that both Shirt and Iain ran much better campaigns than I had expected and I want them to know how much they scared me, and how much I am going to strangely miss them.

May I thank all of those who supported me, those people who shed tears of joy at my election, including Ozzy most famously, and also surprisingly Verity Wilde and James Gallagher.

That feeling of mass support, that feeling of success, that feeling of Euphoria as I was on that stage to the cheers and chants of my peers was all amazing, and I know I may not ever feel this feeling again, but I want each and everyone of you to know two things.

The first is I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and the opportunity you have given me, and the second is that even if you didn’t support me, I am the best man for the job and I am going to ensure a fantastic year for the Student Union.

I really want to reach out to the average student and to do what I can for the Union. Sure, it’s easy to get bogged down in the day to day paper pushing, but that should not stop anyone from trying. This is my Union, your Union, our Union. Let’s work together to make it stronger. Bo selecta!

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