Harry Potter Dragon Egg, Costcutter, 34p

At first glance, despite being a little gimmicky, this egg filled us with anticipation. With its claims of being the keeper of a jelly dragon, this egg was something unknown, something untested, something that had never passed our lips before. We wish we had kept it that way. This abomination with psychedelic green and orange insides, with the look and texture of soap, and the taste of a cheap Terry’s Chocolate Orange impostor; was a gastronomic slap in the face. The jelly “dragon” embedded in the repellent filling of this chocolate disaster resembled a foetus, and one startled observer remarked all it lacked was an afterbirth to look convincing. The horror haunts us still. This chocolate should be for adult consumption only.

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  1. 17 Mar ’10 at 2:42 pm

    Truly Amazing

    Amazing!!!! Nouse used to ‘review’ chocolate and sweets!!!! I think you should definitely bring back this section!

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