Finally the end of SU Bashing?

I’ve been covering elections for three years now and admittedly I approached these elections with trepidation. Three years of an inept and uninventive Union and elections where the candidates re-hash the same old policies year after year, was not the groundwork for much hope. So two days after Elex 2004, nothing has changed, correct?

Well no, when you watch the news and think “this is one of those moments that will never be forgotten,” for some intangible reason that is what I felt watching James Alexander being elected. And more widely still, there is a deep felt current of optimism as a tide of excitement seems to be taking over the Union.

Our new President is committed to breaking down the walls of fortress YUSU, barriers that it took him years to overcome. We have a Services Officer in waiting, with clear achievable aims that can impact on the lives of students.

It will not be plain sailing for the new team, this year was a victory over the perennial CV filling careerists, but it must not be wasted. If three years of journalism have shown me anything, it is how quickly power can distract people from the policies that got them elected. They must fight this at all costs, otherwise we will all pay the heavy price.

E-democracy has the capacity to engage the whole student populace and the Union’s recent good work must not go to waste. This quick and easy method of becoming involved in the Union will be a vital tool in the ‘era of consultation’ and must be expanded to include electronic voting in all elections.

I’m glad to see the new team will back this vital panacea for student apathy which is eroding the sense of what being part of a community is all about.

Never have I had faith in a sabbatical team more than I have today and I sincerely hope that along with the rest of the Union officers, Jim’ll fix it for YUSU.

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