Election Peldges: Heard ’em All Before

Promises, promises. A campus pharmacy, no more Saturday exams, extended library opening hours, better events, improved sporting facilities. There’s no denying that many of the policies fronted by those who triumphed in the SU elections at the weekend have been recycled on an annual basis. Easier ratification for societies, more money for AU clubs to do what they want with, the GradBall that finalists deserve. The list goes on. But what hope is there that next year’s motley crew will be any better at delivering on such worthy causes? Have any of those elected really considered how they are going to achieve their aims, or can we write them off as pipe dreams and political rhetoric?

It would be wrong to pour scorn on well-meaning individuals, who have duly filled out their nomination forms and spent the last two, arduously long weeks campaigning to be in a position to make a difference. However, the SU’s recent record has not been great. Whether exec committee, or student apathy more generally is to blame, average UGM attendance is as low as ever, few York students participated in the nationwide campaigns this term, and how many of us can remember anything about Think week?

For YUSU to be properly representative of the student body, it needs a radical overhaul to say the least. In this respect, the much-repeated, populist sound bite of “I want make the Union less cliquey” is an important first step. Even if it was written on the back of a current SU officer’s crisp packet.

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