Dangerous Doorsteps

University students have sent a shocking pulse of malice through campus recently. Exposing the sham that is security services to the eyes of every student and staff member. Tearing open the gaping flaws of the University support network.

In previous editions, nouse has revealed that students have broken into University buildings, and that they have been involved in criminal activities around York. This is perhaps condonable, can perhaps be labelled under ‘harmless fun’.

But, to actually hear that a homophobic hate attack has occurred just outside Vanbrugh College, in the same place that I am lectured at, is indisputably repulsive. To hear that students, who could also be lectured to there, committed this act is wrong, simply wrong.

Students who have committed their time to an institution that embraces the future, expressing bigotry that predates us by generations, is hauntingly anachronistic. The rosy image of students walking across the ‘parklands’ in the world of the university prospectus is dispelled in an instant.

This bursts the safety bubble of University life, shattering the campus cacoon. The assurances security services have made seem to echo hollowly. It is unfortunately, time to work, play and be weary.

The perpetrators have, as yet, not been found. I have heard no comment from the University itself either. They surely don’t condone this sort of outragous behaviour? They need to send out a hard and powerful message – that hate crimes will not be tolerated here at York and shouldn’t be anywhere else.

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