Book Review: The Middle mind

An absolute must read! White makes the bold assertion that academic orthodoxy, entertainment and ideology are three main enemies of modern culture. He argues that individual creativity should make us realise that we should not be duped by such `institutional' inculcation which impairs our own to ability to think `for ourselves'.

America is portrayed through the idea of a continuum, from the political academic left to the extreme ideological right. For White, the middle of the continuum offers a way out of this institutionalised garbage we are currently fed. In short, he invents the notion of `the middle mind' and, using it as a vehicle with which to drive forth his criticism of the cultural enemies of the political extreme, encourages the reader to observe art, independent creativity in todays society.

It is a book which could be viewed as containing something of the essence of Bryson, minus some of his obtuse satire! Its critical yet constructive approach is an attempt to encourage a different perspective and pointing out the ever so apparent anomalies we just often do not see.

This book is an attempt to get everyone to see their culture as an individual, and encourages them to make independant judgements about it.

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