Fallout as no-confidence motion fails

Confidential e-mails leaked to nouse have exposed the full extent of support for SU Co-Treasurer, James Alexander, who failed in his attempt to push through a controversial no-confidence motion at last week’s UGM.

The e-mails reveal for the first time the overwhelming support he received from high profile society Chairpersons over the no-confidence motion against the pressured Societies Officer.

The leak is a devastating blow to Sammels, who had claimed the attack was personally and politically motivated, a stance he has maintained throughout the ugly battle.

Alexander insisted that the motion was not tabled for political reasons, reiterating the point several times in his emails to chairs, adding that he would not be seeking to submit a similar emergency motion in the future.

“I’ve made my point. It wasn’t personal, nor was it politically motivated, it was simply that he wasn’t doing his job properly.”

Alexander said he had the “full backing of most officers in the Student Union” but expressed disappointment that not more officers had attended the meeting.

“No-one would stand-up and do it themselves. If more had attended then it may have been quorate and have been passed” he said.

Sammels himself conceded that if the UGM last week had been quorate he would have been “finished.” However, he attacked Alexander as a “hypocrite” saying he had made just as many mistakes.

Sammels, who is Chairman of the Young Conservatives on campus, said he was excited about new challenges in different positions away from the Student Union. “I am sick of the bitter in-fighting and backstabbing and I am looking forward to standing down to concentrate on other things.”

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