Trent Trash Boats

The Peterborough Regatta, one of the biggest events of the year for the York University rowing team, was marred last week by the drunken excess of a rival university, leaving thousands of pounds’ worth of damage on a York boat.

On the night of the 31st of May, a group of students, two of whom were identified as members of the Nottingham Trent team, attempted to steal (supposedly for a joke) the eight man boat valued at ten thousand pounds.

Having consumed immense quantities of alcohol beforehand, they dropped it.

The damage inflicted on the hull of the vessel seems small to the untrained eye: dents, scratches, and a bent fin are evidence of what happened that night. Nevertheless, to make the boat streamlined and race-worthy again costs approximately two thousand pounds.

Fortunately, this is to be paid for by Nottingham Trent University, which has already admitted the involvement of its students, but was not available for comment. The matter of footing the bill is "going well", according to the President of the York University rowing club, Keith Settle .

Even more fortunate is the fact that the brand new boats acquired by the club, worth fourteen thousand pounds, were untouched.

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