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New Bridget Jones Film
Waif like Hollywood star Renee Zellweger has reportedly negotiated a £15 million contract to pile on the pounds and resume her role as southern sloane Bridget Jones in the sequel to the hit comedy Bridget Jones’ Diary. British actors Hugh Grant and Colin Firth have also signed up to co-star in The Edge of Reason which is due to start filming in July.

Jolie’s marriage officially over
The marriage of one of Hollywood’s most talked about couples, Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton, is officially over after lawyers in an LA court finalised a settlement early in May. The couple were married for two years but split shortly after adopting a Cambodian orphan named Maddox. Speaking about the divorce, Jolie’s lawyer, Laura Wasser, said: “The best we can say is it was amicable and they’re glad it was completed quickly.”

DiCaprio film moves from Morrocco
The filming of one of Hollywood’s epics, Alexander the Great staring Leonardo DiCaprio, will no longer be shot in Morroco after the terrorist bombings in Casablanca. Movie producers feared the film could be the target of bombers after the attacks that killed 41 people. Filming of the historical drama, which has a budget of £62 million and is directed by Moulin Rouge’s Baz Luhrman, will now be in Australia.

Winona the musical to open
A musical written about shoplifting star Winona Ryder is set to be shown in San Diego. Written by a high school drama group, Sticky Fingers: A Tale of Saks, Lies and Videotape is a satire on the trial last year in which the Oscar-nominated actress was convicted of shoplifting. The actress has been invited to the opening night performance however, according to reports the writers have not received a reply.

Government attacks Hollywood
British film minister Kim Howells has attacked top Hollywood stars like Tom Cruise saying that they lack the ‘balls to fly’ because of terrorism fears. In an interview with the Financial Times Dr. Howells argued that ‘tough-guy heroes of the screen’ were ‘too frightened’ to take a flight to Europe. Adding that ‘swashbuckling heroes like Tom Cruise’ were more frightened about terrorism than ‘grannies from New York’. He hoped that Hollywood ‘tough guys’ would take the example of Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was in Cannes promoting his third Terminator film.

Sadie buys kinky replacement after spilt from Jude
Actress Sadie Frost has been getting over her split from husband Jude Law – by buying vibrators. Sadie, 37, reportedly snapped up three of the kinky toys at a store in London. Onlookers added that she also tried to buy a “happy divorce” card — but staff took pity and gave it to her for free. The couple split recently after it was reported Jude was having an affair with Nicole Kidman.

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