The Thrills, So Much For The City

You can just imagine a bunch of A&R men sitting around planning the release of The Thrills’ debut album. "Definitely a summer release. If the sun is shining and the guitars are jangly enough, people will love this. How about just after their Glastonbury show?" Maybe I’m being overly cynical, but it seems like too much of a coincidence that this album came into my possession on the sunniest day of the year so far. Because it is a perfect summer album, one to play continuously from May to September. On those days when you just have to block out any thoughts of revision in favour of lounging about on the grass having a few drinks, here’s your soundtrack.

Who are the Thrills? Well they would like to think that they are Californians, but they hail from the somewhat rainier climes of Ireland. You can’t blame them for trying, they have the whole west coast 60s pop thing honed to perfection. Sweet Beach Boys-esque harmonies? Check. Vintage-sounding jingly guitars? Check. Self-indulgent outros? Check.

So it seems unfortunate that The Thrills don’t quite cut the proverbial mustard. It’s all pretty inoffensive stuff, but with the exception of the excellent ‘One Horse Town’, you won’t be humming any of these as you skip home from your last exam of the summer. Even after a few listens, the songs are fairly undistinguishable from one another. ‘So Much For The City’ starts off promisingly, with their first and last singles, and just about maintains the energy of those songs through to the halfway mark. However, once you get past ‘One Horse Town’ the whole thing tends to sag a bit. Its almost like they knew that was the best thing on the album, so why put in any effort to the rest of the record? There is definitely potential here, three or four tracks do stand out, but not really enough to warrant paying twelve quid for. If it started pissing it down you’d think you had wasted your money. It’s a shame really, The Thrills really must try harder.

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