SU Crisis

Pizza for frontline friends
The Capitalist Worker Student Society (CWSS) – an assemblage of campus Tories. If you could call it a society – The organisation is not yet ratified, but it is being advertised frequently by members, wearing ‘official’ CWSS t-shirts. A CWSS on-line newsletter features a photo caption competition of a child in a war zone, alongside a ‘sponsor a bomb’ item. CWSS also advocates the death penalty. If CWSS plan to ratify then those involved will have to pull all the strings that they can.

One website link diverts readers to an organisation whose sole purpose it is to deliver pizza to Israeli Defence Force troops. IDF troops recently grabbed headlines by shooting peace activist Tom Hurndall in the head and leaving him braindead. The same bunch are responsible for regular beatings and killings of Palestinian civilians; 2336 Palestinians, a third children, have been killed in just over two years. Pizza is probably just what they need to keep their killing machine operational.

Charity Begins at Home
YUSU’s feminist old-guard is rumoured to be a little disgruntled at the recent direction that their pet-project, women’s society 51%, has taken. Word has it that the feminist campaigning group are to hold an Ann Summer’s Party soon. This is apparently part of their effort to support Oxfam week. They do say that charity begins at home…

VengaBoys are Coming…
Gradball punters will be pleased to know that they’ll be paying for headline act The VengaBoys, to be flown in from Holland. It’s rumoured that they were the second choice; apparently Services Officer James Byron had almost booked former Neighbour’s star Jason Donovan.

The band have brought a big boost to sales this year, with only several hundred tickets left. It seems that being in the intimate prescence of THE defining band of everyone’s childhood is too much to handle for most graduates.

The usual Gradball financial nightmares are probably keeping Byron awake at night. This year, however, he has the assistance of YUSU’s marketing henchman. There are questions being asked about what the marketing managers role actually is in Daw Suu; he has his very own office where he keeps a watchful eye on the big red poster box; he’s often seen patrolling campus with a YUSU record bag, armed with a staple-gun. All giving weight to the claim that he is the world’s most expensive poster-boy!

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