Quorate UGM Shock

In a spectacular demonstration of efficiency, Tuesday’s quorate UGM passed next year’s budget. This contrasts with the present year’s budget, which was only passed well into last term.

A key element in attaining quoracy was the strength of the new deal for students, obtained by the new Treasurers’ (Ozzy Atton and James Alexander) protracted battles with Admin for more cash. Ozzy noted ‘this is one of the most popular budgets ever’, citing record funds for societies, JCRCs and the Athletics Union.

The AU in particular is likley to benefit next year, with Ozzy and James commiting themselves to increasing financial representation for sports on campus. ‘We would consider getting the AU President involved in finance committee’ said James, as a part of his drive to increase participation in the university .

However, SU acceptance of lack of interest in the UGMs casts a shadow over this success with the reduction in the numbers needed to make a UGM quorate. James accepts that ‘there is just a lack of interest, so the new quoracy level is practicle’, avoiding Union business grinding to a halt.

Despite assertions from Ozzy that ‘we will be seeing a quoracy drive as never seen before’ next year, previous years have proven that after the budget has been past interest in UGMs drops significantly.

In other issues at the UGM, a hotly debated motion on a Student Council, was rejected as an attempt to impose ‘hackocracy’, a fair trade motion was passed without a single soul saying nay, and the campaign for a 24hr library was accepted as the hall emptied.

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