Off t’ Algarve

talks to new City manager Chirs Brass as he jets off to Portugal

After only a week in charge at York City, Player Manager Chris Brass took a pre-booked break to Portugal but told nouse that "as soon as I get off the plane I’m back to the job".

The holiday has been much needed after the exploits of York’s last season, juggling the precipice of bankruptcy with dreams of promotion has been a stressful time for all associated with the club. While neither possibility was realised, the take over of York City Supporter’s Trust has finally pushed Douglas Craig out of the picture, and the necessary task of bringing City’s finances under control is under way.

Bringing City out of the red has not been without its heartache. The departure of several key City players such as Potter from the side has been recognised as necessary, but Terry Dolan’s surprise sacking on 31st May left Brass "shocked" and his initial reaction was one of "uncertainty of who I was going to work under".

This uncertainty was soon cleared up as the Directors approached him shortly after the announcement of Dolan’s sacking, after giving himself the weekend to talk to his family, Brass accepted. Brass admitted that the massive amount of time required between the changing room and boardroom, was daunting, but the tremendos support he has been given by all around has buoyed his confidence toward the task, “theyknow how passionate I am about the game”.

Doubts may remain over the signing of such a youthful manager, but Brass revealed to nouse, "I’ve always harboured ambitions". His tenure as Club captain shortly after his signing in March 2001 has earned him loyalty amongst the other players at City, and the dissolution of changing room cliques that dominated the club when he joined, has been vital to their improved performance throughout the period, "I’ve built the team around me", Brass remarked.

Brass insisted that his loyalty to the club remained steadfast throughout the dark days of January which saw a downturn in play and the unforeseen departure of top striker Peter Duffield to Boston, "my morals were that I signed the contract and I wanted to honour that".

This identity with York, even through a season where he remained mostly unpaid was further revealed by his hopes for next season, and his hinting at the possibility of resigning players from the City faithful, "we can still sign, with realism [as] we can’t go chucking money about willy-nilly".

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