Nouse thanks!

nouse is complete for another year, but a small army of editors-past and section writers of the near present are leaving for the real world. The current squad of hacks would like to thank Jamie Khoo and Andy Plowman, former editors trying to break into the professionals, Johan Palme, a big Swedish man with an odd taste in music, Pete Sivey a fine young man of upstanding virtue who played with the Politics section till he nearly went blind, Dave Gent who went blind, the ‘Clarke and Lois’ of the nouse office Chris Mercer and Laura Bell who never recovered from searching for a nonexistent wasps’ nest, Giles Rushden a man of extreme talent and orange underpants, Sarah Morgan, we’re not quite sure if she’s Welsh but she definitely was a supreme Deputy Editor, Rory Palmer, a man with a slick attitude and an even slicker hairstyle, David White a Scottish man who featured a spurrin but never revealed exactly what it was, Gareth Arnold, a sophisticated gent with an unnatural interest in David White, Simon Aldridge and the elusive Alex Hitchcock for an eventful year in the Innuendo post, Sarah Linsley and Tara Spinks for bringing new arty films to the masses, Lydia Wysocki and Martin Nicholson for aiding them in their quest, Tim Fassam a musical man from far away, but he couldn’t play, and the most fantastic Will Gaskell, Deputy Sports with an ever changing hairstyle and superb digger of AU treasures.

We love you all.

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