Not everywhere can be Soho or Brighton but no gay bars at all?!

‘Have you come out lately? Thinking of coming out? Why? No seriously, I’m not some kind of crazy gay basher, who thinks that you should be marching yourself off into therapy to ‘get it all out of your system’. I’m just saying if you’re coming out, don’t go out, well not in York at least. I’ve always been disinclined to tread the streets of this city after hours, lets face it, it pretty damn dull. But if you’re gay about town…

If you took the plunge many years ago and are already basking in sexual self confidence, for a start congratulations, I’ve still got friends who haven’t mustered up the courage to take the plunge. But you might know where I’m going with this article. To give the rest of you a clue, how many gay bars do you think there are in town. One? Two? I’m telling you now that there are none. That’s right none, once apon a time there was the mystical Bay Horse. It closed down.

Toffs now run an "attitude free" night, which makes you wonder whether all the other nights spill over with attitude that must necessarily be detoxed weekly. Surely a gay night deserves a title a little more fun than something that sounds like a pacifists convention. Do you see where I’m going now?

The first contention that you entered reading this article, gay or straight was whether I was gay or not, admittedly perhaps here I’m making it an issue, but does it really matter. I’m just writing about one of the many things that piss me off about York. You can’t expect everywhere to be Soho or Brighton, but no gay bars at all? Although having said that the idea of a gay bar has always pissed me off. Too idealistic I guess, but I’ve always been a fan of mixing everything up. Mods with Rockers, Young with Old, Gay with Straight. It concerns me when there is always a threat with bars in Soho that you will be turned away on suspicion of being, shock horror, straight.

I guess there is always a fear with a lifestyle and culture that someone will co-opt it, but if that means that one side feels vulnerable, while the other side feels excluded perhaps we should all be taking the plunge and making York, hell even the world more interesting.

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