Minster Library ‘fluid’

With twelve weeks to go before the closure of the Minster Library, the matter of relocating thousands of books and documents currently used by university students still "appears to be fluid", according to head librarian Elizabeth Heaps.

Although the fate of the general loan collection is uncertain, and may be distributed between the public library, the library of York St. John and the J.B. Morrell library, Heaps is confident that these three institutions can cooperate and hopefully allow students access to the books they need after the closure date of August 31st.

However, those who rely on the Minster library still feel highly disadvantaged, as shown by the attendance of King’s Manor students at a protest there on the 31st of May. An increasing concern is expressed over how borrowing rights are affected if the books are spread across the city: the head librarian herself admitted that this "needs to be considered".

Moreover, splitting up the Minster library could seriously damage postgraduate research- graduate students will be "badly affected", according to Educational Campaingns Officer, Chris Payne.

Generally, it is relatively early for any decisions to be made, though both the library committee and humanities departments are convening to discuss the Minster’s resources. There is even a small chance that the library may be saved- a petition is being submitted on Tuesday 10th June.

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