Library Long Overdue

Everyone is already aware of how poor the JB Morell is, but with the possible closure of the Minster Library, and nouse’s investigations into the new (and empty) Raymond Burton Library it is clear how impoverished York students are. The University has always seemed loath to hand over the cash for student facilities, preferring new conference buildings while our stunning ‘60s concrete colleges slowly subside into the lake and York slips down the league tables.

Despite University excuses that development is too expensive, they should examine the finances of the average York student. With debts expected to run over £10,000, and the diminishing advantages of a degree (especially in Arts subjects, as Charles Clarke gleefully reminds us), life can be daunting. Especially as when a quick look round campus will reveal how expensive the basics of student living can be (pasta, beer, chocolate etc).

But this trend is set to continue for future generations of students as the UPP scheme (University Private Partnership – think New Labour’s PPP) looks set to continue as campus expands. Yes, you’ll be glad to know Costcutter and Campus Fare are here to stay…

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