Halifax Lose Lead

College Basketball

An aggressive opening by Alcuin failed to yield the desired result as Goodricke’s stronger team cohesion undermined Alcuin as they watched the game slip from their grasp in the final two minutes as ill temper got the better of the squad, writes Dan Phillips.

Alcuin’s attitude to the referee’s decisions throughout had a bolshy edge as persistent penalty shots were awarded to Goodricke, contributing to a lead that Alcuin could only chase. Goodricke’s lead was not by default however, as their captain Kin Tung spearheaded numerous attacks that left Alcuin outpaced and outclassed. Goodricke’s passing game successfully opened up Alcuin’s defence, whilst personality dominated Alcuin’s attack with Zak frequently going it alone, pulling off an impressive twisting lay up, which whilst stylish, did not bring the game to Alcuin. His aggressive play however led to a forced substitution after four fouls marring his otherwise skilful game.

The Halifax – Langwith game remained entertaining throughout the second half after a Langwith half time trail of 12-8 was turned around to a comfortable win. Langwith’s opener by Stella Paschalideu, was indicative of a strong performance by the team, whilst Halifax’s sneaky intercepts were not capitalised upon as the ball missed the net frequently. The pivotal performance of Michael Burnett, weaving through the Halifax defence, and completing numerous lay-ups left Langwith to run away with the points.

James battle against Derwent began with the teams down to four on four, but Derwent felt the heat of being drawn against the strongest team, being annihilated 36 – 18. The shortened game was a disappointment to James’ Nick Engineer, who complained, "we were smashing them as well".

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