Halifax Knife Attack Foiled

A third year English student has revealed how he was attacked en route to Halifax College

The incident happened two weeks ago around 11pm, when he was returning home from Goodricke. A 5'9'' male, thought to be in his early twenties pulled up on a bike asking for the time, then continued towards the college.

"I suddenly saw him heading back towards me. I knew something was up," the student recounted.

Despite the assailant threatening to stab him, he refused demands to hand over his phone. "It was obvious he had not got a knife. He then tried a lame kickboxing routine, aiming to kick me in the head three times. I managed to block him. He did knock my glasses off. I then refused to give him anything until I got my glasses back."

The student subsequently suffered a blow to the face, but managed to make a break for it and ran towards the Halifax porter's lodge, with phone intact. "Within a minute security were there and the police came and took a statement."

Steve Crouch, Senior Security Supervisor, told nouse the attack was proving to have been "an isolated incident," but recommended that students remain vigilant. He added: "We've stepped up patrols down there and informed staff to be on the lookout."

Whilst acknowledging that someone else might have reacted differently, the student was undeterred: "It sounds dreadful but I got out of it OK. I'm not physically or emotionally scarred in any way." He believes the would-be thief was opportunistic and inexperienced, and is not overly worried about crime on campus, in fact he took a dismissive line remarking "The graffiti's in Latin and the people who want to steal your phone don't know how to."

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