First Class Destination

Travel. These days, everybody’s at it. Whether it’s Prince Will’s trip to Chile on his gap year or yer Gran’s coach trip to Cornwall, you just can’t avoid tales of exotic adventures around this planet we call home. So, it’s time to get your own back. As thoughts of exams and essays vanish into the sun kissed air, we face the prospect of fourteen glorious weeks with fuck all to do. Sure, there may be summer rent to worry about, jobs to hold down and money to be earnt, but who’s worrying about the details? nouse invites you to extend your overdraft, sign up for that credit card and be inspired by these tales of epic adventure from around the globe. Less a guide, more page filling fun to inspire you to globe trotting greatness, grab a beer and wack on the sun lotion as you read our epic tales. First up is Jamie Willard, dreaming of his eastern adventures in India. Can’t you just smell the spice?

Lock, Stok and some amazing memories… – Jamie Willard discovers the other face of the Indian Himalayas

Snow at the Equator – Climbing the highest active volcano in the world isn’t a walk in the park for Toby Hall. Surprisingly.

The Beautiful City – Laura Bell discovers the two sides of Marrakech

Land Of Temples – Sarah Morgan relives her passion for Cambodia

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